What Is Aphasia?

It is typically a communication disorder that occurs as a result of a stroke or a trauma to the language parts of the brain. While, this disorder does not impair a person’s intelligence, communication becomes difficult. People who suffer from this disorder, tend to have trouble finding the right words to talk or write while trying to convey their thoughts. They sometimes may also have trouble comprehending conversations, written text or using numbers.

How Stroke Can Cause Aphasia:

Stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is cut off due to a clot or the blood vessel bursts causing a brain bleed. This normally impacts one side of the brain. The movement and the sensations for one side of the body is controlled by the opposite brain hemisphere and hence if stroke impacts the left side of the brain, the right side of your body tends to get impacted and suffers complications.

  • Analytical thought
  • Logic
  • Language
  • Reasoning
  • Science & math
  • Writing
  • Number skills
  • Right – hand control.

In some left-handed people, language is controlled by the right side of the brain.
As a result of left-sided stroke,one may experience problems with –speaking,reading, writing,listening and comprehending,dealing with numbers, finding the right words while talking or writing.

Types Of Aphasia:

  • Expressive aphasia(Non-fluent) – In this type, while an individual might know exactly what they want to convey, they have trouble communicating it in way of speech,sign or text.
  • Receptive aphasia (fluent) – In this type, while the individual will have no trouble reading text or hearing what the other person is saying, they have trouble understanding the meaning of what is being conveyed. They tend to take the language literally and have trouble with speech.
  • Anomic aphasia – In this type, the individual has trouble finding the right words to use while speaking or writing. This is called Anomia.
  • Global aphasia – This tends to be the most severe type and is typically found in patients who have recently suffered a stroke. In this type, the individual has a lot of difficulty speaking, writing, reading and comprehending words
  • Primary progressive aphasia – This is a progressive disorder which is very rare. In such cases, an individual gradually looses his/her ability to speak, write, read and comprehend over a period of time. While there is no treatment for this progressive disorder, the ones affected are taught to communicate using other means such as gestures.

Treating Stroke Caused Aphasia:

The treatment options available depend on factors such as Age , Type of Aphasia, position and the size of the brain lesion.

A person suffering from aphasia as a result of stroke, may largely benefit from sessions with a certified speech therapist. The therapist will work with the individual at regular intervals to help him/her improve his speech. They will also ensure that they train the individual to communicate using means other than speech such as signs and gestures.


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