Have you ever thought of the herbs that your mom used in he..." /> Have you ever thought of the herbs that your mom used in he...">


Have you ever thought of the herbs that your mom used in her cooking? Mint leaves are one of them. She perhaps knew its benefits. Let’s understand what the mint leaves offer to us as benefits.

Mint leaves

Botanical name – Mentha piperita

Ayurvedic name - Pudhina

Mint leaves in Tamil - Pudhina

Mint leaves in Hindi – Pudhina

 Mint leaves are used as part of the cuisine in Indian and Sri Lanka. It is basically a flavouring agent in many dishes. It has a strong aroma and renders many medicinal benefits along with a palatable taste.

 Medicinal benefits of Mint leaves

  • Mint helps in digestion

The mint leaves is excellent in promoting appetite and digestion. This is due to the strong aroma which stimulates the salivary glands, to produce digestive enzymes.

Mint also

  • Cleanses the taste buds

  • Calms the stomach if indigestion is caused

  • Works against inflammation of the intestine

The mint leaves can be consumed in the form of a tea for the above issues.

  • Mint comforts nausea

The nausea caused by motion sickness while one travels by road, air, water can be calmed down with the help of mint oil. Alternatively, anything mint flavoured works against nausea.

The aroma works towards warding off the nausea.

  •  Mint treats headache

The mint has the power to calm down nausea owing to the strong, refreshing aroma that it emanates. Mint oil or balms with mint are very helpful in giving relief from headache.  

Mint has the property to ease inflammation and reduce body temperature associated with migraines and even normal headache.

  •  Mint aids in prevention of respiratory problems

The strong smell and the menthol content in mint works beautifully. It can clear the congestion in the

  • Nose

  • Throat

  • Lungs

  • Bronchi

By helping clear the congestion, most respiratory disorders can be prevented from surfacing or becoming severe.

  •  Mint works well in preventing colds, cough

Mint helps to prevent and relieve colds as well. It can also soothe the throat and give respite from coughing. There are options of inhalers with aerosols. The best will still be the ones with mint. It’s more effective and organic.

  •  Mint is very beneficial as a treatment for asthma patients

Mint can relax and relieve asthma patients of congestion and thereby asthma itself.

  • Mint makes breastfeeding a pleasant experience

Breastfeeding is the best gift a mother can give her baby. It creates a life-long bond. The issue of cracked nipples or sore nipples can be eliminated by the use of mint oil application. 

  • Mint can pep up your mood

Mint can change your mood and charge you. The natural smell of mint weaves this magic. Mint can boost the functioning of the brain.

Mint oil helps you break free from

  • Sluggishness

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Exhaustion

A method that weaves magic is to drop a little bit of mint oil on the pillow for a relaxed and sound sleep.  

In addition to the effects of mint on one’s mood, mint also aids in boosting the memory. So chewing on mint chewing gums or just a few mint leaves, can keep your memory strong and also boost your alertness levels.

  • Mint is a great skin food

The mint in the form of oil has antiseptic properties. It works well as an anti-itch agent. The mint oil is used in many insect repellent products as the aroma is highly unappealing to insects.

In the form of juice, mint has the following properties

  • It can act as an effective cleanser on the skin.

  • It can cure skin infections.

  • It is an excellent remedy for itchy skin caused by insect bites – mosquitoes, wasps, bees, etc.

  • It can reduce the inflammation on the skin and have a soothing effect owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It can reduce the occurrence of pimples and also play down its symptoms. 

  • Mint can aid weight loss

Mint has magical properties. The digestive enzymes in mint aid not only the digestion process, but also help in weight loss. The digestive enzymes help in absorption of all the nutrients present in the food and also convert the fat into energy for the body to use. This ensures that fat content is consumed by the body and not stored anywhere in the body as fat which contributes to weight gain.

  • Mint helps in maintaining oral hygiene

Mint has germicidal properties. Owing too this, mint can keep tabs on the bacteria growth in the mouth by keeping the tongue, teeth and gums bacteria-free. It can be used as a breath freshener because of this.

Mint is used in toothpaste, mouth wash, and other dental care products which are used regularly by all.

Go ahead and include mint as part of your daily diet.





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