To become a leader in Integrated Healthcare. Our strong knowledge base in Ayurveda, strengthened by a near century of experience and our openness to other forms of medicine will be the reason for us being positioned as the leader.

We shall establish treatments based on both Ayurveda and Integrated medicine, with evidence of the functionality of the same. We will be the preferred choice for the treatment of Neurological, Orthopedic, Rheumatological, Gynecologic & Infertility problems and Preventive medicine.

We shall establish facilities across India and in International locations.

As a measure of preserving, disseminating and developing human knowledge in the healthcare discipline, we would be running Education & Research Institutions other than following the best teaching and research methods and having the finest infrastructure, Certification Courses recognized by the best Universities/Government Bodies would be a highlight. The institution shall also fill in the need for qualified manpower, both doctors and paramedics, in the area of Integrated Medicine. We shall also develop patented therapies in specialised areas of treatment.

Our Doctors and Professors are highly reputed and are part of an accomplished group. They publish studies and articles in Journals of international repute. The nature of our institution, our accomplishments and our human resource ensure a high level of consultation from peers/institutions practicing other forms of medicine.


Making the ailing and healthy happy.


Transparency: Being open and truthful in all transactions with patients, employees, associates and other stakeholders.

Customer Care: Being concerned about customers’ problems and tending to their well-being with care & sensitivity.

Integrity: Giving honest assessments and honoring commitments. We will not accept favors for professional contracts.

Innovation: Work on continuously improving and creating new products, services, processes and concepts that are in line with changing times.

Respect: Respect all scientific healthcare systems and practitioners.

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