Water is also very important for various reasons for our body. Our body is basically made up of 50-70% water.

Some facts about the water content in our body:

  • Blood – contains 83% water
  • Lean muscles - are made up of 75% water
  • Bones – are made up of 22% water
  • Brain - contains 74% water

Water is required by all the organs in are body to hydrate the cells and tissues that the organs are made up of. Water helps regulate the body temperature.

Water consumed is used up during the various processes of the body like breathing, sweating, absorption of minerals and nutrients, etc.

Rehydrating the body is very important for the normal functioning of the entire body.

How much water should one drink each day, to meet the body’s requirement of hydration?

As per research, the daily intake is as follows:

  • Men - 2.5 litres per day
  • Women – 2 litres per day


As per Ayurveda, there are many small rules to be followed for intake of water.

Ayurveda recommends water at room temperature or hot only.

Ice-cold water is never recommended. The logic is that the ice-cold will put out the digestive fire and cause disturbances in the digestion process itself.

Let’s look at some of the guidelines that Ayurveda lays out regarding water intake.

  • Water should always be consumed while one is seated than standing. This helps in proper and efficient absorption and distribution of the water consumed
  • Water should be consumed in small sips and not gulped down in big volumes in one breath, as it helps in preventing dilution of the blood, gastric juices
  • Always drink warm water or room temperature water and not ice cold water. Having cold water will cause many health issues in the long run. It will disturb digestion and will also cause severe constipation, heart issues, kidney failure
  • Drink water whenever you feel thirsty. Your daily intake of water will be fulfilled if you have sufficient water whenever your body asks for it. Stop when you feel satisfied and your thirst has died down
  • The colour of your urine will indicate if you are sufficiently hydrated or not. If it is dark yellow it means you need to drink a lot of water to hydrate your body. If the body is sufficiently hydrated, the colour of the urine will be fairly clear or light yellow.
  • The lips will also become dry and chapped, if the body is not sufficiently hydrated
  • It is beneficial to have a gap of around 45 minutes between food and water intake. If one is thirsty immediately after food, the following can be had
    • After breakfast – fresh fruit juice
    • After lunch – buttermilk
    • After dinner – milk

           These do contain water, and will aid digestion as well

  • As per Ayurveda, water is to be had in between meals and not before or after eating food. It has ill effects.
    • Drinking water immediately before food - reduces digestion
    • Drinking water immediately after food - is similar to poison, it increases assimilation and makes people obese
  • Warm water consumed in the morning on an empty stomach has a lot of medicinal value. Around two glasses is to be consumed by individuals between aged between 18 and 60. Other age groups should consume at least three glasses. This will aid better digestion, better sleep and make you feel more active

What are the benefits of drinking water the right way?

As mentioned earlier the human body is made up of 50-70% of water. To maintain it is a challenge but the benefits are worth the effort. Let’s understand what benefits you can reap if you keep your body sufficiently hydrated.

  • You can be energetic and lively all day!

Your brain is made up of a lot of water. Drinking enough water helps you concentrate and think clearly. Your energy levels are high and you can complete all tasks efficiently and at a fast pace without compromising on the quality.

  • You can count on it as your weight-loss program booster!

Drinking enough water and keeping yourself hydrated, helps in flushing out the by-products of all the fat you consume.

It can also suppress your hunger pangs by filling up your stomach. You eat less, so the calorie intake is smaller and easily used up by the normal activities you undertake throughout the day, unconsciously!

Water has no calories and this makes it a super drink!

  • Stay young! Say bye to wrinkles and dull skin!

Being well-hydrated is the key to having a glowing complexion. It also helps in keeping wrinkles at bay!

  • Detox daily!

Yes drinking water sufficiently helps you flush out the toxins through urine.

  • Kidney stones won’t nag you!

Drinking enough water and frequent urination will reduce the probability of you having kidney stones. An easy but efficient way to prevent formation of kidney stones indeed!

  • The flu won’t catch you!

If you are among those who drink sufficient water daily, your immunity will be boosted. This is after all logical because you are doing a slow daily detox. This also plays a role in reducing the probability of cancer, and also heart attacks

  • Constipation will be a thing of the past!

Yes! Keeping yourself well hydrated will aid proper digestion and also relieve you of constipation. Constipation can even lead to depression. So, drink plenty of water…live life in bliss!

  • Say bye to headaches – even migraines!

Headaches are more often caused by lack of water in the body. Simply put, dehydration causes a headache. Keep yourself well hydrated and see the difference. Your headaches will leave you alone. Even the monstrous migraines!

  • Be young and agile!

The hydrated body’s joints are all well lubricated and muscles are more elastic compared to those who consume less water. Adequate water intake will keep you more active than your peers of similar age!

  • Keep depression at bay

A well hydrated body functions well. This will in turn keep the mind calm. Happiness quotient will be higher. Hence, such a person is least likely to have negative mood swings. The spirit is always positive and chirpy. Depression becomes almost an impossible phenomenon.



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