Ayurvedic Treatment for International Patients

Welcome to AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital, Madurai!

We look forward to being of help to you. To help us serve you better, we recommend the following:

  • Please send us a detailed enquiry about the type of service you are looking forward to. If you want to get treated for an ailment we request you to kindly contact our physicians and provide all your health-related details through our online consultation form
  • After they scrutinise your health details they would help you plan your treatment at the hospital
  • Kindly keep all the necessary information like medical summary, medical reports (blood reports, X Rays, MRI other histopathological reports etc.) ready to be uploaded to the case sheet, to help us arrive at the best diagnosis. To fill in the detailed online consultation form click here
  • If you intend to undergo any of our preventive healthcare programs, you might want to choose from the predefined programs (Click here for details) or let our senior physicians know about what you look for, and they would design the best course for you. To contact them you may click here
  • If you need assistance from us for transport / logistic support (air/train/bus ticket) Kindly ask us any time. We can organise them for you. Local tour & sightseeing can also be organized. You may contact our travel desk for help and assistance after your arrival
  • Medical Visas can be applied online or through Indian embassies in your respective countries. We can provide you with documentation assistance in this regard
  • We can also assist you in getting GSM cellphone SIM card for ease of communication
  • Money changing or Forex services are also available with us
  • After confirmation of the selected program and the type of accommodation you prefer, we shall send you a Proforma invoice. Please read the proforma invoice and other instructions on the same carefully
  • While you are at the hospital, please observe the following instructions with regard to the ayurvedic therapeutic procedures
  • Our therapies are best enjoyed on light stomach. Please keep a 2-hour gap before the therapy
  • Kindly remove your contact lenses prior to the therapy session
  • Any pain or discomfort is to be immediately brought to the notice of our staff and duty doctor
  • Please put your mobile phones on sleep or on silent mode
  • We want you to completely relax and unwind. Please leave your jewellery and valuables in your room itself. You can also ask for locker facilities available at our hospital
  • Climate: Madurai city is bright and sunny throughout the year. Cotton clothes are most comfortable. There could be rains during the months of September– December in Madurai
  • The Cuisine served in the campus is Vegetarian. Patient food is specially prepared so as to be easily digestible and will have less salt, oil and it’s made less spicy. Food is cooked in the most hygienic manner. Please speak to your treating doctor about your preferences
  • Our campus is Alcohol and Tobacco free, to aid Natural Health & Healing. We request your cooperation to maintain it so
  • Please feel free to contact us for any further information 
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