We have all faced the pain of a stiff neck at one point or time of our life. A stiff neck is stereotypically characterized by pain and difficulty in moving the neck. The neck generally starts to feel tender and sore. This happens mostly when the victim of a stiff neck tries to move their head from one side to another side. The common accomplices to an extremely annoying stiff neck are the cases of even more irritating discomforts such as headaches, neck pains, shoulder pains and/or arm pains. This growingly irritating problem will make the person experiencing it to turn his/her whole body sideways or in whichever direction, just so that they can avoid turning their head.

Considering the fact that most of us spend maximum number of hours per day in front of a computer or staring down at our phones and being insomniacs doesn’t help either. A recent study saysthat stiff neck has become the ruler and king of discomforts in this past couple of years.

Besides the common causes for a stiff neck which were mentioned above, other causes include unease and pressure that has the capacity to create painful tightness and tensionamong the neck muscles, trauma or injury that affects the neck, and also very rarelysome diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis or cancer.

This problematic pain usually does tend to get better in a short span of a few days or a week. But, you can use a number of simple lifestyle alterations and home remedies to ease the pain and stiffness. If your condition does not get better within a week or if it occurs with a high fever, consult your doctor immediately.

The most basic and common home remedies for treating stiff neck quickly are:

  1. Massage:
    The simplest method to treat stiff necks, a soothing massage is not just basic but has also proven to be the most efficient.
    A tender massage will help ease the muscles while increasing the blood circulation. This will help decrease the stiffness of the neck. Adding on,this has a major benefit of helping you sleep better.
  2. Neck exercises:
    When done correctly, mild neck exercises are known to dismiss tension which is generally caused by strained muscles.
    The basic neck exercises start off with sitting erectly and then looking up and down. Follow with tilting your head towards both your shoulders, one at a time and then look to your right and then to your left. Finish off with gentle shoulder rolls.
  3. Hot and cold:
    Cold compress is known to work wonders on a stiff neck. It is said to numb the pain and border the accumulation of lactic acid which is a by-product of muscle metabolism. If this does not work even after 48 hours,try heat therapy.
  4. Epsom salt:
    Epsom salt which is made up of the chemical compound magnesium sulfate (MGSO4) can help ease a stiff neck.
  5. Peppermint oil:
    Peppermint oil has menthol that helps soothe stiff muscles in the neck. Moreover, its analgesic property will help reduce pain and discomfort.


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