As spoken about in our previous blogs, neck pain (in the cervical spine area) is a prevailing issue which has to be given importance and must be dealt with, as soon as possible.

Though this is less common than the pain felt in the lower back pain (more specifically, the lumbar spine), it has been found that millions of people go through neck pain and/or related arm pain at some point in their life.

The relatively better part about this pain is that the majorpart of it will slowly decrease and might even fade away with time. Also, anotheraspect is that itcan be addressed with non-surgical treatments. However, like we very well know, any problem which is left unsolved will only lead to a bigger problem in the long haul. Similarly, there are a few symptoms that are likely indications of a serious medical condition and patients with these symptoms should seek medical attention immediately.

Althoughmost occurrences of neck pain have almost no perceptible anatomical cause, few specific types of neck pain and arm pain can be connected to a general cause, which could be as basic as a muscle strain, or a diagnosable ailment.Cervical pain is a common problem. There are various reasons to trigger it, such as,bad postures while sleeping, strenuous desk jobs which go on for a prolonged period, or straining a muscle due to bad position or carrying heavy piles that put too much burden and weight on the shoulders.

There could be other causes which can lead to cervical painsuch as anxiety and stress.The main symptoms of Cervical Pain are soreness, pain in the neck, issues involving movement of the neck and your arms especially when trying to turn the head to the side among various others.

Cervical problems can impede your daily activities and make it hard to get to sleep. The cause for this can be ascribed to a horde of issues, comprising of but not limited to, poor posture at work, sleeping wrong, straining through exercise, anxiety, or health issues.

Fortunately, we do have some remedies that you could probably try out at home. Try these steps to bring relief to your neck:

  • Use Moist Heat on your neck. Contrary to popular belief, heat is the best way to chill. Heat helps tensed muscles relax, and moist heat is better than dry heat. This is because it can infiltrateand seep through the neck more effectively.Rub insome heat to the back or neck area.
    Or you could also try placing a hot towel over your neck. Place a hand towel in a bowl full of hot water, or pour the hot water all over the towel. The result would be so soothing and relaxing that you might forget about your cervical pain altogether.
  • Try an Ice Pack to soothe your neck. This is an exact opposite of the above point. But it has been found to help lessen pain in that area.The cold helps shrinktenderness in the area, which in turn permits it to heal.
  • Practice Stretches to Relieve Neck Stiffness.
  • Reduce heavy physical activity.
  • Adjusting Your Sleeping Setup or Position. Using Cervical Pillows for support.
  • A Calm and Mild massage will help relax the muscles while increasing the flow of blood circulation. This in turn will help diminish the stiffness. Furthermore, it will help you sleep better.


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