What are the best sleeping positions for back pain, neck pain & shoulder pain? How can you prevent yourself from back, neck & shoulder pain while sleeping?

Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Often, people don’t think much about their position before sleeping. But the position of the body while sleeping is extremely crucial in the prevention of many painful conditions like Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain also leg pain, joint Pain and other such chronic pains. Actually, sleeping is essential for the recharging of the body for the day ahead. However, bad sleeping positions can lead to a troubled sleep too. Because of this, you may wake up with various pains in your body. If you feel tired everyday when you wake up, then you must contact your nearest physio specialist for advice on better sleeping positions.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Gives Some Advice For Improved Sleeping Positions

If you are having a Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain, then you should consider changing your sleeping position. For help, you can look for advice from physiotherapists and doctors.
Given below are some tips for improved sleeping and lesser Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain.

Sleeping On The Back

Sleeping on the back can be a very good idea, but it can be problematic too, as sleeping on the back leads to pressure on the spine. This is because the arched lower back creates pressure on the spine. To prevent this situation, you can bend your knees upward while sleeping. This will ensure that your back remains straight during sleeping. For ease, you can use a pillow.

Should I Sleep On My Sides?

Sleeping on your side can be a very good decision, especially if you are a victim of back pain. Sleeping on your side will ensure that your spine remain straight. However, if you curl while sleeping, then your spine will bend and you’ll feel pain.

Pillow Between The Knees

If you are a side sleeper, then you can sleep with a pillow between your knees. This is one of the most desirable positions while sleeping on your side. This is good because it help you maintain the right spinal alignment while sleeping comfortably.

How To Eliminate Shoulder Pain Through Proper Sleeping Position?

People with shoulder pain have difficulty in sleeping on their shoulders. For them, advice is to move their shoulders a little forward and backward slowly. Also, good and soft pillows can be great for comfort during sleep.

How To Combat Neck Pain Using Proper Techniques?

You can use a soft hand towel for extra support. You must roll the towel up and put it in your pillowcase so that it can remain stationary.

Using Pillows For Neck Pain

Using the right pillow can be important. A good pillow can help you manage your pain effectively. Neck pain happens mainly when the neck is twisted badly in a direction. This often happens when the pillow is unable to support the neck properly. If you are a side sleeper, then a pillow filling the space between the bed and the head without making you tilt your head is perfect. For those who sleep on their backs, a pillow which can ensure minimal tilting of the head is perfect.
Sleeping in the proper manner is a very good step toward the elimination of pain from the body. Sometimes, sleeping in the wrong way can result in result in pain at various places of the body. So, it is important that one sleeps in the proper position as it can help the person to avoid major ailments while ensuring a fresh wake every day.


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