Imagine your muscles, tendons and ligaments similar to rubber. You know how rubber reacts to heat and cold. It tends to expand while exposed to heat and contracts when cold.

This is exactly what happens to the soft tissues in our body. During those chilly winter nights, our soft tissues namely our muscles, tendons and ligaments react to the cold and are not as flexible they tend to be during the summer are basically pulling a bit harder on the vertebrae. This may lead to the vertebral discbulging out of its normal position and causing a pinched nerve back pain.

Here Are Some Useful Tips To Help You Cope With Those Chilly Winters:

The most effective method to prevent a pinched nerve occurrence or injury during the winters is to always warm up mildly. This will encourage the flow of blood to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, letting them become more flexible and ready to absorb the shock absorber ready.

Proper stretching after the warm-up, and then again after the activity is essential. Most often, the stretches done for warm up aren’t done the right way. Too much of warm up and too less of a warm up is never good. Stretches must be mild, and create a soothing sensation of mild stretch or tension. There shouldn’t be any pain or discomfort felt while doing the stretches. The stretches can last for about 30 seconds but definitely not less than 20 seconds. Stretching too intensely, or for less than twenty seconds might initiate a stretch reflex that may essentially make the muscle to tighten-up even more.

Wrap yourself up with the right winter clothes. It is important to wear extra layers of clothing to keep the heat in.

Hot water bottles and portable heat pads can be useful for extra warmth.

Make sure you are eating food and drinking fluids sufficiently, as this will keep your energy levels up and help your body cope with the colder temperatures. Eat hot meals, lots of warm fluids and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

If possible, stay active – moving about will improve your circulation, generate heat and make you feel better.


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