Treatment for sore muscles depends upon the intensity of the pain and the type of pain. It is important that the pain be diagnosed as a localized pain or systemic pain before the treatment is administered.

Localized pain affects just some parts of the body, whereas systemic pain is pain throughout the body and is most often a result of an illness or an infection, or even a side effect of a medication.

Systemic pain can be treated only through proper medication prescribed by a doctor or a physician as it might be because of an infection, illness or other causes.

Localized pain, on the other hand, is easier to treat and there are also a number of treatments which can be done at home.


This might seem impossible at the time of pain, but muscles tear and cramp only to regrow much stronger. This regrowth, will be aided if the muscle is moved and exercised in a light manner instead of constant rest. That is why sports experts ask marathon runners to constantly have a light workout schedule for the few days after the marathon.

Ice Baths

This will definitely be a little uncomfortable at first, but once the body is accustomed to the low temperature, it helps in lowering the soreness and muscle pain. Many schools and sports clubs use this method to help athletes recover after games or practice sessions.

But if filling a tub with ice and sitting in it seems too extreme, ice pack on the affected area also help with the pain. But always wrap the ice cubes in tissue or a cloth before applying it. Never allow ice to touch the affected area without at least one layer of protection.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has natural healing and anti-inflammatory qualities. Adding Epsom salt in a hot water tub and relaxing in it for some time has proven to be an effective treatment for muscle pain. The salt, along with the hot water loosens and brings down the inflamed muscles, thus relieving the body of the pain.

Ointments, Oil

Camphor oil is said to have relaxing qualities, apart from being a natural remedy for phlegm. Rubbing warm camphor oil on the affected area before going to sleep is also another effective method for muscle cramps and pain.

Increased Protein Intake

The extra protein will help the body recover faster. Vegetarians can eat pulses, milk or complimentary protein supplements. Research has shown that immediate intake of protein after a workout session has instantly reduced the muscle soreness the next day.


If the body gets enough sleep, and if the muscles are relaxed enough, the healing process is quickened. Therefore, adequate rest and sleep is quite essential for muscle pain and cramps.

Heat Packs

Applying heat in the affected area helps to reduce the soreness by increasing the blood flow. This brings the necessary nutrients to the muscle and helps the healing process.

These are some treatments which can be administered at home as first aid. But if the pain persists. it is important to schedule a doctors’ appointment for professional help and treatment.


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