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Sacrum is a part of the vertebra and Ilium is the part of the hip bone that joins the pelvis to the vertebra. Sacroiliitis is a condition characterized by inflammation at the joint where the sacrum meets the ilium. It is sometimes a cause of back pain with difficulty in turning in bed and leads to stiffness over a period of time.

Causes of Sacroiliitis

A wide range of factors are responsible for causing or predisposing one to develop sacroiliitis

  • It usually occurs as a sequel of a number of autoimmune diseases (conditions where your immune system starts acting against your own cells) like Rhuematism, SLE, Psoriasis etc.
  • Secondary to degenerative conditions – where the joint gets sworn out due to ageing.
  • Direct trauma in the form of accidents or falls.
  • Urinary tract infections that may spread to the sacrum or ilium- resulting in infection of the joint which in turn leads to wear and tear of the joint.
  • Intravenous drug use and drug addictions – this also increases the risk of infections which could spread to the sacroiliac joint and damage the same.

Symptoms of Sacroiliitis

  • Fever or local raise in temperature.
  • Pain in the low back which may or may not radiate to your legs, which usually worsens on sitting for a long time.
  • Stiffness felt at the hip and low back that is usually experienced in the morning while getting up from your bed.

Allopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment for Sacroiliitis

Treatment for sacroiliitis is aimed at reversing the inflammatory process and pain relief and ensuring that the disease does not progress to a state where deformities set in.

  • Treatment for Sacroiliitis in Contemporary Medicine (Allopathy)
    It includes rest, Heat and cold packs, Administration of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) Local injections. All these therapies are only aimed at temporary pain relief and not reversing the disease process. These may not be enough to have a good control over the disease and hence it may lead to the manifestation of deformities where surgical intervention might be required. Further, long-term use of NSAIDs are harmful to the normal functioning of the Kidneys and Liver.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment for Sacroiliitis
  • Treatment for Sacoiliitis at AVN AROGYA


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