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Osteoarthritis otherwise known as degenerative joint disease or Osteoarthrosis is a type of a joint disease that manifests due to degenerative changes setting in the joints which is typically characterized by damage or destruction to the cartilages that are present within each joint. The most commonly affected joint is the knee joint. The other joints that are affected are the wrists, fingers, toes, back, neck and hips.

Causes of Osteoarthritis

The main cause for osteoarthritis to set in, is the degeneration (wear and tear) that occurs naturally in the process of ageing.

Primary causes

  • Genetic factors – Genetic vulnerability to osteoarthritis is one of the important factors.
  • History of previous injury to the joint can accelerate the process of degenerative changes.
  • Overweight – This can usually affect in manifestation of degenerative changes in the weight bearing joints typically the knee joint.
  • Difference in length of the two legs – which leads to unequal distribution of weight and hence resulting in excessive weight bearing in one of the limbs which accelerates the process of degeneration.
  • Metabolic changes and sex hormones – female hormones have a protective effect and so women are protected till menopause but the risk increases thereafter.

Secondary causes

Osteoarthritis may be caused as a result of other diseases. Some of them are as below

  • Heamo-chromatosis
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Parthe’s disease
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Inflammatory diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis and Gout

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

  • Pain and restriction of movement are the main symptoms in a patient suffering from osteoarthritis. In a patient suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee joint there might be increase in pain while walking and climbing up or down stairs.
  • The muscles associated with that joint may weaken which further aggravates the restriction of movement.
  • There may be swelling in and around the region of the joint due to secondary inflammation (Inflammation that sets in to remove the debris caused by wear and tear).

Allopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment for Osteoarthritis Knee

Treatment of Osteoarthritis Knee or Osteoarthrosis is aimed at relieving pain, reducing stiffness and inflammation, reversing the disease process and helping the patient perform their activities of daily life without problems.

Treatment for OsteoArthritis Knee Pain in Contemporary Medicine (Allopathy)

Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Treatment, in early detected cases comprises of exercise (to strengthen the muscles) and lifestyle modifications with a view to reduce weight. Structural support in the form of braces is advised to be used. Further Non-Steroidal or Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs (pain killers) are administered according to the severity of the condition. They provide relief from pain and help improve function. However, these measures only help in providing temporary pain relief. Once the medication is stopped there is recurrence of pain. Further, long term use of these anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers are known to produce adverse effects on the liver and kidneys which limits their use over time. Over the years certain nutritional supplements like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Calcium and Vitamin D, are advised to ensure that the components required for building up are the cartilage are not inadequate. However in most cases they do not produce very significant improvement. In cases where these conservative measures fail, SURGERY is the option recommended. The Surgery usually performed is a knee replacement surgery. Orthoscopic surgery is useful for fixing Ligament tears but not for full blown osteoarthritis.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Osteoarthritis (or) Osteoarthrosis

Ayurvedic treatment for Osteoarthritis, comprises of herbal medications which possess anti-inflammatory effects and contain ingredients like Guggulu (Commifora mukul and Boswellia serreta) and those that are strengthening to the cartilages and bones. Regular administration of these products is seen to improve inflammation, provide relief from pain and improve joint function. However they are not effective for immediate pain relief like the painkillers. Ayurveda treatment also comprises of advice to apply certain medicated oils to the knee and leave them overnight or for extended periods (Pichu). This procedure also is seen to be effective in providing pain relief and improving functional capability. Patients are also advised to lose weight, and are taught exercises to keep the supporting muscles strong. The more seriously affected patients are advised to undergo Ayurvedic therapies like Abhyanga (medicated oil massage), Local vasthi (Pooling of oil), Nhavarakkizhi (Medicated rice massage) and Ksheeravasthi (Medicated milk enema) to strengthen the cartilages and joints. Procedures like Podikkizhi ( Herbal powder massage), Illakkizhi (Herbal leaves massage), Dhanyamladhara (Pouring of a fermented liquid) and Kashaya vasthi (Enema With herbal decoctions) are used to reduce inflammation. By these procedures Ayurveda is able to provide tangible relief from symptoms and improvement in functional capabilities in Patients with Osteoarthritis.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Osteoarthritis at AVN AROGYA

At AVN Arogya, we offer effective treatment of Osteoarthritis through a combination of our proprietary Ayurvedic formulations and Traditional Ayurvedic combinations and the full range of Ayurvedic therapies that are administered by our Team of Experienced Ayurvedic Physicians and trained therapists. We have over the years perfected the art and science of treating Osteoarthritis through conservative approach and avoiding the need to for surgery in a vast majority of patients. We advise a preventive approach to Osteoarthritis as well. Because Osteoarthritis is degenerative in nature and progresses with ageing, we advise patients who have just started developing mild problems to start taking some of our joint strengthening formulae and using the oils on their joints regularly. For those who have more severe symptoms, we also advise them to undergo a full course of detox and strengthening therapies once a year and short courses of detox and strengthening therapy performed over three days once in two or three months, so as to prevent further damage to the tissues and to keep joints strong. We have found that patients who follow our protocol are able to lead a much better quality of life and prevent deterioration of their condition even with ageing. We offer the whole range of treatment at our clinics at various cities as well as out our hospital in Madurai where we also integrate Physiotherapy and Yoga as part of our therapeutic approach.


  • AVN Arogya’s treatment provides a very effective solution
  • AVN Arogya uses proprietary formulae and protocols perfected with years of experience.
  • The treatment alleviates the need for powerful drugs and prevents the need for surgery in most cases.
  • It greatly enhances quality of life.
  • Our experience of over 85 years, makes us the best at offering the services required for effective healing and recovery
  • The treatment offered is time-tested, safe and effective
  • The treatment is natural and holistic
  • Patients can continue to live life with renewed confidence


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