What causes Pain in neck? How to cure pain in neck & shoulder? What are the symptoms, causes & treatment for pain in the neck & Shoulder? How to cure pain in neck by Ayurveda treatment?

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How to cure neck pain by Ayurveda treatment?

Ayurveda treatment for neck and shoulder pain, there is nothing concrete that warrants that a shoulder pain is necessarily something that indicates a shoulder problem. Similarly, an ache in the neck doesn’t imply that the problem lies there either. As per latest revelations, the two are basically connected and a problem in, say the neck, could result in a pain in the shoulder and vice-versa. Thus, it is fair to say that neck and shoulder pain tends to overlap each other and specialists often term this is as something called ‘shneck’ pain.

Now, the obvious question that you might ask is why?

The answer here is pretty simple and logical. The neck and the shoulder are known to be connected via multiple nerves. And when a pain occurs in either of the shoulder or the neck, the brain isn’t always capable of tracing the pain back to the correct source. Often, this is also known as referred pain.

Is it the shoulder?

One of the things that obviously go through your mind, when you are trying to unravel the source of the pain, is whether it is the shoulder or the neck that’s causing you pain. In the case if shoulders, it is believed that there’s an injury to the rotator cuff, which basically consists of muscles and tendons meant to stabilize joints. The cuff generally wears and tears due to aging and is also prone to injuries.

Here are some ways to know if you have a possible cuff injury or shoulder problem.

  • Affects the upper arm or shoulders specifically, and doesn’t reach below the elbows
  • Pain is largely dull in nature
  • Largely occurs when you lift something, reach out on top or behind
  • Improves on resting of the affected arm

When the neck is likelier

As mentioned above, if you don’t find that the common symptoms of a neck and shoulder pain are the likely cause of your pain, then it could probably be the neck. Neck pain can occur when any of the eight pairs of joints or the fourteen nerves present, happen to be inflamed. The cause can either be symptomatic arthritis or just the wearing of the neck joints. Thus, a thorough examination of the area is also very important before anything that’s conclusive is reached.

However, pain in the neck usually carries these symptoms.

  • Pain radiates to the shoulder blades
  • Isn’t numb, but rather tingling, burning, stabbing in nature
  • Pain moves past the elbow to the hand
  • Pain moves to the arm when you move your neck
  • Goes away slightly on supporting the neck

How does Ayurveda treatment for neck pain help in curing neck and shoulder?

India’s ancient science for the neck pain treatment in ayurveda can play a great role in helping a patient get rid of pain in the neck or the shoulder region. Usually, Ayurveda recommends certain Herbal medicines for internal use and oils of external application. It also utilizes muscle training methods, like yoga and meditation and Pranayama that help relieve people from stress.
For more chronic conditions Ayurvedic therapies are recommended. Therapy generally lasts for anything between a week to two weeks, and that mainly depends on the chronicity of the problem.

Some of the popular methods included in ayurvedic treatment for neck and shoulder pain

  • Abhyangam–In this method, the whole body is massaged with herbal oils, and it offers a deep healing effect. It achieves the harmony of the mind, body, soul and the senses.
  • Podikkizhi – It is a process of giving fomentation using a heated bolus of herbal powders. It is very effective in relieving inflammation and stiffness.
  • Nasyam – The method involves the intake of medicated oil through the nose. It cleans the toxins from the neck and head regions bringing great relief.
  • Pizhichil – This is procedure wherein a medicated oil is rhythmically poured over specific parts of the body along with mild strokes of massage.
  • Greeva vasthi –This treatment is carried out on the neck and helps strengthen the muscles and nerves.

Ayurvedic treatment for neck and shoulder pain is one the most prominent treatment methods for any injury to the neck or the shoulder. The above-mentioned techniques, coupled with regular exercises can bring great relief to people suffering Pain in neck.

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