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AVN Arogya helps patients suffering from Neck, Back & Joint Problems

Regain Normal Life – Without Surgery

Neck, Back & Joint Problems are caused by degeneration resulting from Diet, lifestyle, Stress, Posture and other factors and are increasingly common among the population. They aggravate with age and are a cause of great discomfort and disability leading to premature retirement and early loss of functional capability. Attended to, early, most of these diseases can be completely arrested and reversed.

We, at AVN Arogya, have, over the decades, perfected the art and science of providing excellent results in treating these problems by using the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda and adapting it to suit the current day requirements.


In-House and Day-Care formats to suit your convenience

We offer in-house treatment over a duration of two to three weeks for even the very severe cases, at our facility at Madurai, located on a large landscaped campus.

We also offer day care treatments and therapies at our Hospital at Madurai and at the clinics located at various cities.

Patients suffering from even the severe forms of these diseases have found immense benefits and have been able to lead normal lives.


The Holistic Treatment comprising of Ayurvedic medicines, Advice on Diet and lifestyle, and Ayurvedic Therapies integrated with Physiotherapy and Yoga where needed, offered at AVN Arogya bestows the following benefits

  • Effective relief of symptoms
  • Restoration of functionality
  • Retardation of Degeneration
  • Freedom from side-effects
  • Improved Quality of Life

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