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AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital was founded in 1930 at Madurai by the renowned Ayurvedic Physician Arya Vaidyan N. Rama Varier, an illustrious disciple of the late Vaidya Ratnam P.S. Varier of Kottakkal. From a humble beginning then, AVN Group has over the past eight decades spanning three generations, grown into a group of Ayurvedic Organisations, with a whole range of activities, under the able guidance of Arya Vaidyan P.V. Raghava Varier, the Chairman & Chief Physician of the group. AVN is currently managed by a team of professionals, headed by Dr. Ramesh R. Varier as the Managing Director.

The AVN Group currently comprises of

AVN Arogya healthcare Ltd

The Healthcare Company which operates the ayurvedic hospital in Madurai and wellness centre in Madurai and a chain of Ayurvedic clinics in chennai and ayurvedic treatment centres at Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kochi in addition to Madurai.

AVN Ayurveda Formulation Pvt Ltd

The Ayurvedic Manufacturing & Marketing Company, with a fullfledged GMP certified manufacturing facility at Madurai, manufacturing the whole range of Ayurvedic Classical medicines and a number of proprietary formulations. AVN also markets the products throughout the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and parts of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Orissa. The products are also exported to Germany, Malaysia, Australia & USA.

N.Rama Varier Ayurveda Foundation

The Non profit wing of the group engaged in Research, Development and Training in Ayurveda and wellness.

Milestones in the history of AVN

  • Arya Vaidya Nilayam (AVN) was founded in 1930 at Madurai by renowned Ayurvedic Physician Arya Vaidyan N. Rama Varier, (a disciple of Vaidya Ratnam P.S. Varier of Kottakkal) as a clinic.
  • Dr P.V. Raghava Varier took charge in the year 1963, and became the Chief Physician. Currently he is the Chairman of the AVN Group.
  • The firm celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1980
  • AVN established manufacturing facilities to produce Ayurvedic medicines on a large scale.
  • A small Nursing Home and Research Centre were also added in Madurai.
  • Dr. Ramesh R. Varier, son of Dr P V Raghava Varier joined the management of the firm in 1987.
  • During the next 2 decades he focused mainly on expanding the manufacturing and marketing operations.
  • AVN created mechanized facilities for manufacturing various ayurvedic dosage forms like Kashayams, Thailams, Choornams, Lehyams, Asavas and Arishtams, Rasakriyas, Gulikas, etc.
  • AVN perfected the art of low temperature extraction as prescribed by Ayurveda and the same resulted in excellent therapeutic benefits.
  • AVN launched a Special Products Division in 1994 which marketed the ayurvedic preparations for specific chronic diseases under exclusive brand names.
  • AVN launched for the first time in the country, 26 kashayams in swallow-able tablet form, making it extremely convenient for consumption by patients, especially those who are on the move.
  • AVN formed a new company called “Arya Vaidya Nilayam Ltd” (AVNL) and established a new factory with the ultimate objective of getting WHO GMP certification.
  • The AVN group decided to restructure the operations by separate companies for the different activities.
  • AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt Ltd., was incorporated on 1st April 2009 after taking over the Assets and Liabilities of Arya Vaidya Nilayam and Arya Vaidya Nilayam Ltd.
  • The company expanded operations to all the southern states and to parts of Maharashtra and Orissa
  • The company started contract manufacturing of products for an Allopathic Pharmaceutical company
  • AVN Arogya Healthcare Ltd., was incorporated on the of 2009 by taking over the assets of the clinics and the nursing home that was existent and the company went in for a major expansion comprising of establishing a 100 bed ayurvedic hospital at Madurai and a network of Ayurvedic clinic cum treatment centres in major cities.
  • The research and development activities were vested with N.Rama Varier Ayurveda Foundation , the group’s non profit arm.
  • The foundation filed for a patent for a novel method of preparation of Ayurvedic formulations.
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