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Adhesive Capsulitis is a condition affecting the capsules associated with the joints. Most of the joints in our body are covered by structures known as capsules. The capsules cover the joint and are lined on the inside by a soft tissue called synovium. The synovium secretes a liquid called synovial fluid. The capsule acts as a protection for the ligaments and the synovial fluid acts as a lubricant for maintaining a proper range of movement. Adhesive Capsulitis is that condition where the capsule gets inflamed, leading to secretion of inflammatory fluids resulting in adhesions within the capsule. This process of inflammation and adhesion causes pain and restriction of movement in the affected joint. Adhesive capsulitis is most commonly seen in the shoulder joint and is usually called as FROZEN SHOULDER

Causes Of Adhesive Capsulitis

  • The exact cause for this condition is obscure but it has been linked with Diabetes mellitus, Cardiac disease, Parkinson’s disease, hyper and hypo-thyroid. In these conditions an increased incidence of adhesive capsulitis is seen.
  • Direct trauma or injury to the shoulder joint also leads to the manifestation of Adhesive capsulitis

Symptoms Of Adhesive Capsulitis

  • The main symptom of Adhesive Capsulitis is restriction of movement. So one cannot move his shoulder about freely. Even simple movements like raising one’s arm, is done with great difficulty.
  • There will be PAIN on touch as well as on movement. Even while at rest, there might be a dull aching pain.

Allopathy & Ayurvedic Treatment For Adhesive Capsulitis

Treatment for this condition is aimed at reducing the inflammation in the joint and restoration of normal functioning of the shoulder joint.

    • Treatment for Adhesive Capsulitis in Contemporary Medicine (Allopathy)

In initial stages depending on the severity of the condition physiotherapy alone or along with medications is advised. Medications commonly used include – Non-steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs and cortico-steroids either administered orally or injected in the shoulder joint. In many cases there is good relief with corticosteroid injections but the relief doesn’t last long and it tends to recur. Long standing and severe cases that do not respond to medication and Physiotherapy, surgery is advised.

    • Ayurvedic Treatment for Adhesive Capsulitis

Ayurvedic treatment for Adhesive capsulitis, comprises of internal medication to help reduce the inflammation and Ayurvedic oil application and Therapies like Podikkizhi (warm herbal powder massage), Ilakkaizhi (Warm herbal leaves massage), Tailadhara (Pouring medicated oils), Nhavarakkizhi (Massage with rice medicated with herbs) and Nasyam (Nasal Medication). The stiffness reduces with the therapies and the patients are encouraged to move their joints through the full range of motion to get rid of stiffness. These procedures are very effective in relieving pain and stiffness associated with Adhesive capsulitis.

    • Ayurvedic Treatment for Adhesive Capsulitis at AVN AROGYA

At AVN Arogya, we offer a very effective ayurvedic treatment for Adhesive capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) at all our treatment centres and at our hospital. The treatment at AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital, comprises of Proprietary Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic therapies to relieve the inflammation and Physiotherapy to restore mobility to the joints. We also focus on good control of Diabetes or other concomitant conditions. With this approach we are able to provide, very effective relief in almost all cases without the need for Steroid injections, surgery or continuous use of pain killers.


  • AVN Arogya’s treatment provides a very effective solution
  • AVN Arogya uses proprietary formulae and protocols perfected with years of experience.
  • The treatment alleviates the need for Steroids, long term use of pain killers and prevents the need for surgery in most cases.
  • It greatly enhances quality of life.
  • Our experience of over 85 years, makes us the best at offering the services required for effective healing and recovery
  • The treatment offered is time-tested, safe and effective
  • The treatment is natural and holistic
  • Patients can continue to live life with renewed confidence

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